Imagine creating your very own custom shift knob

Posted by Debbie Day on 26th Sep 2021

Well it is possible. And the cost varies from an embedded piece inside the knob from $65. to an actual photo image of your art, logo or words inside the knob, from $95.

Our customs take approx 6-8 weeks to produce, so you will need to be patient.

We get requests of all kinds. Such as rich dentists who cash in on their profits to create a "rotten" tooth shift knob, Yikes! Yes this is correct. They wanted people to know how he paid for his hot rod. Lol.

We have even had a couple requests from people wanting to get certain parts of their dog embedded. Yes, those!

Of course we don't do that.

We don't really embed ashes of loved ones, although we get many requests. We can however, embed a tiny "Ashes Locket" inside a shift knob, then engraved words on the shift knob.

We engrave for special occasions such as weddings. Make it special with the date and then names of the bride & groom.

It is nice to have an image of special person photo imaged on the shift knob - this along with a small amount of type - with rememberance is always good.

Custom Engraving Shift Knob

Photo Image Shift Knob

We can even engrave a special graduation shift knob for the high school or college graduate.

The favorite is an embedded shift knob. People can send in their favorite charm or hat pin, or even a medal if it is 1 1/4" or less.

Take a look at the page to see some sample shift knobs that we have made for customers.

Call Debbie if you need to discuss or sak any questions.