Crash Hand Painted Resin Shift Knobs.

With these shift knobs we asked "Crash" Cindy Raschke, a really great artist to take a crack at painting some of our knobs. Not just any great artist. An insanely great artist. The result is an exclusive series called, "Crash-stones".
Like any of our custom painted knobs, they get sanded, primered and prepped in-house. But that's where the similarities end. Because only Crash can Crash a shift knob.


The detail work on each of these beauties is flat out unbelievable. The sheer amount of colors in each individual knob boggles the mind. 

One look and you'll know you've got yourself a functional work of art. Pop one our your car's shifter or put it on your shelf.

Either way it's a little masterpiece straight outta the wonderfully warped sensibilities that is Central Texas' very own, CRASH.

Tapped for thread size 5/16-16, but can easily be tapped for larger sizes, please choose below, or order a thread reducer kit with many sizes to tap yourself



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