US Army Medical Corps Shield Inlaid Shift Knob 10mm x 1.25

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Classic ball shift knob, US Army Medical Corps Shield  
Shift Knob is a very nice Shiny Black color with custom engraved insignia and inlaid in white.
Shift Knobs are made of the finest, high-quality 'Partek' resin; a material specifically formulated for the automobile industry, not to develop stress cracks with aging.
Size is 2 1/4" with a 10mm x 1.25mm Master (brass or aluminum) that exceeds the auto industries specifications of 200 ft. lbs. static pull and 20 ft. lbs. twist torque test.
These knobs are precision machined and polished to a high gloss finish. This shift knob is sure to look very cool on your hot rod.
Perfect fit for your hand.