SET of 2 Toyota FJ Cruiser Shift Pattern Shift Knob - Grey/White 6 Speed - AUTO & MANUAL 4X4

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Toyota F.J. Cruiser 4x4, both AUTOMATIC (12mm x 1.50 ONLY) and MANUAL (CHOOSE SIZE NEEDED) Shift Pattern Shift Knob, as well as the 6RUL Shift Patterns.
Please choose thread size needed - NOTE that the Automatic is only available in 12mm x 1.25 threads, if you need different please contact for special order. 512-773-2674

6RUL is 2 1/8" solid grey with White Inlay (smooth finish) and you choose thread size needed

4x4 patterns are 1 7/8" solid grey with White inlay (smooth finish) AUTO us 12mm x 1.25 - Choose threads for Manual threads.