Nostalgia Classic Hot Rod Swirly Surfboard Resin Shift Knob #4

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Nostalgia Classic Hot Rod Swirly Surfboard Resin Waste Shift Knob #4

Designed by a California beach artist - Created with Old Surfboard resin waste - 

One-Of-A-Kind shift knobs are going to show up your hot rod friends - and make everyone jealous!

When waterproofing the foam core of a surfboard shape Josh covers it with fiberglass cloth. The cloth gets laminated to the board with polyester resin. He uses pigments to color the resin often. Generally some of the resin is left over in the mixing bucket and he collects this waste resin in containers. It hardens in the form of layers. Sometimes the colors mix in interesting ways. Other times they form solid color layers. He recycles the resin by cutting it up into small squares, and hand shaping it into shift knobs

These unique shift knobs are approx 2" tall and 1 1/2" diameter which make them the most perfect size for your hand.

They come highly polished so they shine beautifully.

Each have a 16mm x 1.50 threaded master so we can easily make them fit just about any size shifter rod.

You are in for a real treat with your purchase.


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